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Boiler feed water

Along with the traditional feed water preparation schemes for steam and hot water boilers at thermal power stations (water clarification by liming with subsequent sedimentation on mechanical filters and desalination on ion exchange resins), membrane filtration methods are becoming more popular – removal of mechanical suspended sediment and colloids at ultrafiltration plants and desalination using the reverse osmosis membranes.

Membrane desalination is substantially more economical compared to traditional methods if the source water contains 250-300 mg/l of salt or more due to significantly lower costs of alkali and acid used in regeneration.

Water pre-treatment using ultrafiltration membranes guaranteed removal of sediment, colloids and bacteria, which extents the service life of reverse osmosis membranes, while maintaining high specific load.

We can complete entire construction of new water-treatment chains or modernization of existing water treatment chains in the shortest possible time:

- survey;


-pilot testing;


-manufacturing, delivery and installation of equipment;

-warranty and maintainance services.


Ergonomika performs testing and provides recommendations on modernization and cost saving opportunities for existing water treatment plants.

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