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Integrated management system (IMS)

iso 9001, iso 14001, iso 18001

We are focused on achieving sustainable economic growth.

Our goal is to provide premium quality products and services, which we achieve by having strong quality control, safety, environmental and energy-saving frameworks and policies in place.

We set annual overhead reduction targets in order to maximize our efficiency.

Consistent growth will be achieved by providing our domestic market (i.e. Kazakhstan) with products and services that meet all regulatory requirements and expectations of our customers.

We aim to demonstrate our commitment by relying on our extensive experience in the industry and the latest developments in science and technology.

In the heart of our business lies ensuring human health and safety, elimination of risks of injuries at the workplace and providing healthy work conditions that satisfy all standards and legal requirements in the area of workplace health and safety.

Ensuring human health and safety and environmental protection

From planning to delivery of the finished product, we carefully study the clients’ internal processes. We use safe raw materials of the highest quality, work only with reliable suppliers and rely only on well-established logistics methods. We ensure that all safety regulations are being followed during our production processes and can issue documents confirming our compliance.

We understand that our corporate management must follow the principles and standards set out in the international ISO standards. We ensure that our employees demonstrate strong work ethics and team spirit and are driven by desire to achieve complete customer satisfaction. We also understand the importance of the role of our leaders and their ability to demonstrate integrity and strong professional judgement which enables them to make correct long-term decisions. In achieving our goals, everything is important, in particular:

  • new technologies that enable high sales performance;

  • friendly, qualified and experienced staff that understands the needs of our consumers; and

  • operational efficiency.

With rapid innovations in science and technology, we aim to maintain a balance of price and quality of our products. We We consider this to be critical in achieving a leading position in Kazakhstan market.

iso 9001, iso 14001, iso 18001

Our management is responsible for implementing policies in the areas of quality management, environmental management, workplace health and safety and energy management systems (referred to as IMS). Our management is committed to creating and maintaining all necessary conditions that are central to the functioning of the management system. Our management ensures that  appropriate financial, technological, human and other resources are allocated to these activities and that these resources are used effectively by our staff.

The implementation of the IMS policies is achieved in the following manner:

• We systematically study quality, environmental and safety needs and undertake preventive measures to ensure that our organization can meet its responsibilities.

• Our management and staff are personally responsible to satisfy all levels of IMS requirements at their workplace.,

• Our products and services satisfy the requirements of the international ISO standards and government regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

• We allocate our human, technological and financial resources efficiently to ensure the achievement the IMS goals.

• We conduct systematic research on new achievements in the area of production technologies.

• We systematically train and develop our staff at all levels.

• We continuously monitor our management processes and adopt corrective and preventive measures aimed at continuous compliance with the requirements and improvement of the IMS management system in a timely manner.

• We ensure that our processes follow workplace health and safety regulations and best practices.

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