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Mine water treatment

A large amount of mine water is formed in the process of underground and surface mining which is characterized by high content of suspension and, in many cases, significant mineralization.

There are strict guidelines and regulations around the quality of water released to the surface or reservoirs. Therefore, discharging the wastewater without preliminary treatment may trigger significant penalties and reputational damage. Release of mine water to storage ponds or evaporation ponds is associated with significant ground displacement, need for waterproofing the pond bed and difficulties associated with the transfer of large volumes of wastewater to evaporation ponds.

Ergonomika offers modular stackable water treatment facilities to address these issues, which consist of the following:

-a base module containing the operator's room, 0.4 kV power plant, pumping and dosing equipment;

-a tank farm

- stackable standard modules with water treatment equipment, which is selected and customized by our highly qualified specialists in accordance with the preferred water treatment scheme.



1. The ability to use  purified water to satisfy various needs of your business.

2. The ability to "customize" the quality of the treated water by mixing water obtained at various stages of the treatment process to reduce the cost of water treatment.

3. Significant reduction in energy consumption and volumes of evaporation ponds, leading to lower capital expenditure and the area of land used, as only highly mineralized concentrate is transferred to evaporation ponds rather than the whole amount of wastewater;

4. The ability to install additional water treatment modules in accordance with the forecast and the actual water flow levels, which makes it possible to "stretch" capital expenditures incurred over time.

As modules are made ready for use they be installed in short terms.

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