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Industrial water treatment

Each industry and each technological cycle has its own specific requirements regarding the water treatment quality.

Even though the basic methods of water treatment are used in the industry (such as mechanical filtration, water precipitation, flotation, ion exchange, membrane technology, reagent dosing, electrodeionization), the industrial water treatment has a number of certain requirements:

- high reliability of water treatment methods and equipment;

- high degree of automation and integration in the overall manufacturing process;

- ability to operate in severe operating conditions.


We offer the following solutions:

- mechanical filtration for removing mechanical particles and scale;

- iron removal and water demanganation;

- water softening and desalination for preventing scale formation on heat-releasing surfaces;

- removal of petroleum products in a pressurized stream (i.e. in equipment cooling systems);

- reagent dosing aimed at preventing corrosion and sedimentation, pH correction, suppression of microbial activity.


We provide service maintenance throughout the entire service life of the purchased water treatment equipment.

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