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Drinking water for fly-in-fly-out employees

Providing drinking water to fly-in-fly-out employees is one of the fundamental needs of an enterprise. Many mining and processing enterprises are situated in remote locations without having an access to fresh drinking water sources or any existing water treatment facilities.

Underground waters may contain high levels of mineralization, hardness, heavy metal ions and frequently high levels of alpha and beta radioactivity.

Given that not only drinking water, but also water used to satisfy day-to-day needs of the employees (i.e. water used in the showers) must comply with various standards, using bottled water does not provide an adequate solution to this problem.

However, this problem can be solved by installing either modular or stationary water treatment plants on customer’s premises, that address the specific needs of each customer.

Ergonomika is experienced in producing water treatment systems to treat underground and surface waters satisfy the needs of various businesses.

We perform end-to-end services: we collect samples, perform tests, design, produce modules with water treatment equipment, deliver these modules, perform installation and set-up works, train your employees and provide maintenance services. 

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