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The treatment of formation water within the oil sector

Purification and recovery of formation water in oil production

The process of oil production is inextricably linked to the treatment of associated formation water.

The water that has been processed in the three-phase separators and that flows to the reservoir pressure maintenance system (PDP) still contains a large portion of petroleum and suspension products, which leads to incomplete extraction of oil and decreased well flow.

In addition, when reservoir pressure maintenance system is further supplied with water (i.e. with seawater), due to the differences in salt composition, the salts may form sediment and clog the pores of the oil reservoir.

Ergonomika offers a wide range of effective technical solutions which prevent pollution of the bottom-hole zone of wells with difficult-to-destroy oil emulsion, suspension and salts that form sediment. These solutions extend the operating life of oil production wells.

We can conduct pilot testing at the customer's site and to confirm the effectiveness of the proposed solutions.

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