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"24 Hour Service" – we offer a unique service of providing 24 our maintenance support for residential pumping equipment. If you own a GRUNDFOS pump and experience any issues please call our hotline and the issue will be rectified within 24 hours*.

Terms and conditions:

• 1. in case of  GRUNDFOS pump malfunction, please call +7 (701) 908-58-81 and report the problem. IMPORTANT: this service is only valid if you have the original warranty card.

• 2. Our operator will accept the request and will ask you to leave your contact details so that we can organise for our technician to inspect the issue;

• 3. Our technician will arrive at your premises on the next business day. In some locations, this service is available on weekends as well.

• 4. Our technical specialists service the following series of GRUNDFOS pumps: ALPHA, JP, JPA, JPB, JPD, KPC, MQ, NS, PF, SB, SBA, SCALA2, SOLOLIFT2, SQ, SQE, SQE pack, UNILIFT (CC, KP), UP, UPA, UPS 100**.

• 5. Other equipment series (ALPHA SOLAR, CONLIFT, UNILIFT AP, UPSD 100) are repaired in our service center. The repairs are made on the day of the request.

• 6. Our operator will accept the service request and will organize for our technician to arrive at your premises once contacted by the client. Our technician will assess the equipment and will determine whether the malfunction is covered by the guarantee. They will also prepare a service Protocol. Minor issues will be fixed on site, alternatively the pump will be replaced.

This service is provided at no cost provided that the malfunction is not caused by the client.


* This service is only available  within 150 km from the city.

** The list of equipment covered by this service can be expanded. Please confirm the exact list of equipment covered by this service  and a list of cities where this service is available with our operator .


We have recently opened our service center in the following location:


• Repairs of Grundfos pumping equipment for residential properties

- warranty and post-warranty servicing of Grundfos equipment.

• Repairs of Grundfos industrial pumping equipment

- warranty and post-warranty servicing of Grundfos equipment is carried out in Karaganda and other regions of Kazakhstan, including Akmola, Pavlodar and North Kazakhstan regions. We only use original components and spare parts for our repairs.

• Maintenance services

- contracts for scheduled maintenance of industrial and residential Grundfos equipment

• Installation of Grundfos equipment includes the following services:

- assessing the condition of the equipment;

- ensuring that power supply and utilities are connected properly;

- alignment (for cantilever pumps);

- equipment setup, launch and reviewing operating parameters;

- completing installation and equipment operation forms.

Warranty requests can be submitted on our website.

Please ensure to specify the following:

  • Equipment brand and model;

  • Date of manufacturing and purchase (as stated in the product certificate);

  • Describe the issue;

  • Company name and contact person details;

  • Complete the form online or contact us on the following email address:

Should you have any questions in relation to equipment repairs and maintenance, please contact Ergonomika at:

Office: +7 (7212) 910-101

Mobile:  +7 (701) 908-58-18


Office address: 57/2 Krivoguz street.

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